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This website provides lots of information for patients and professionals allike. A wide range of patient leaflets and patient education materials are available. 

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) is the only body in the UK representing the whole of the dietetic workforce. Membership is open to anyone working in dietetics, in nutrition, or who has an interest in diet. 

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) was established in 1967 and exists to deliver authoritative, evidence-based information on food and nutrition in the context of health and lifestyle. Our core purpose is to make nutrition science accessible to all.

The British Society of Periodontology was founded in 1949 "to promote for the benefit of the public the art and science of Dentistry, and in particular the art and science of Periodontology and in furtherance thereof........, to advance all aspects of Periodontology and to promote improvements in the teaching of the same."

We work with healthcare professionals contributing to diabetes treatment and care. We offer a regular source of news on best practice, new treatments or care, medical alerts and the latest research findings.

                               American Academy of Periodontology
                               Our mission is to provide members the expertise and resources to enhance
                               the evaluation and diagnosis of oral conditions, assessment of risk for future
                               disease, and delivery of specialty periodontal non-surgical, surgical* and
                               medical** care for our patients.

Information for patients and pages dedicated to health professionals. From providing resources on a wide range of aspects relating to osteoporosis, to Training courses and events, to our Osteoporosis Conference which brings together the largest gathering of UK and overseas health professional delegates, there are many ways in which we can help you. 

                         Seven Seas
                         Welcome to Seven Seas Life – a site brought to you by Seven Seas Ltd –
                         that will give you the opportunity to explore, read and learn about nutrition,
                         health and the role of vitamin and mineral supplements.


Health Blogs​         Nutrition Blog for late teens/early twenties, from food to healthy living, make-
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                                                                         various health topics.